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Systems Integration

FS understands that the only time it’s easy to ‘Accept Change’ is when you’re editing a Microsoft Word document. That’s why our integrated system development ensures up-to-the-minute custom IT system and software updates, with limited business disruption and system downtime.

We look at your software ecosystem from a holistic perspective, and can help you upgrade, streamline and simplify your existing business processes, reducing complexity and improving productivity.



Your company’s systems are nuanced and many.

Your years of archived documents need to be integrated with your current back-up server, and you really don’t need another modular IT system or software package that only adds complexity to your existing processes.

That’s why our analytical and diagnostic process happens prior to any software development, upgrades or implementation. We get a comprehensive view of your business’s entire IT ecosystem and then look for ways to integrate, streamline and simplify what’s already there.

Future Standards will seamlessly merge your existing, legacy systems with your latest software packages, and any additional applications. We’ll help you create and manage quick, effective user-friendly interfaces that will give your business the tools it needs to work faster, and better.

Think of it as an IT ‘spring clean’.

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