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IT & Development Consulting

Streamline business processes to realize cost, flexibility and performance advantages.

On a technical level, most modern-day enterprises have a varied and complex application landscape. You can cut complexity and get the most value from your IT systems by integrating legacy platforms, COTS packages, new applications and browser-based/mobile front-ends. Whether you are a Java/J2EE or Microsoft .NET environment, Future Standards has extensive experience in delivering practical, integrated systems across a wide variety of vendor platforms.

Successful systems integration begins with a clear understanding of business process. We take the time to identify where maximum value can be achieved through automation and self-service or delegation, and our process-modelling analysis ensures you’ll get the best outcome for your business. Our multi-disciplined team has deep expertise in all integration approaches, including web services, SOA, J2EE, and other Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).

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